BankIn Minnesota is more than the name of our organization, it is a call to action for all Minnesotans to bank in Minnesota. 


A distinct, collective + collaborative voice

Community banks are the focal point where community support meets business savvy. Their business model ties them inextricably to the success of their community and their community to them. As the primary providers of small business loans, community banks help to create the majority of Minnesota’s new jobs and business growth. They also provide significant support for the charitable organizations that serve so many needs in their local area.

The success of Minnesota’s community banks isn’t about the narrow interests of our industry. If our state’s community banks succeed, it is because their customers and their communities are succeeding.

Government Advocacy

BankIn Minnesota was founded so that our members could band together to bring the truth about community banking to lawmakers at the state capitol and in Washington, D.C. Each year, BankIn Minnesota leads the way in Minnesota banking advocacy by providing members with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with state lawmakers and regulators. BankIn Minnesota also visits Washington, D.C. each year with a delegation of community bankers to tell the community banking story and to engage with members of Congress.

Lobbying Force

It’s important that the interests of community banks are represented in government. BankIn Minnesota promotes your interests with effective lobbying, consistently demonstrating an ability to positively impact regulations that affect community banks. 10% of membership dues are directed toward government lobbying efforts in order to continue this important advocacy work specific to the unique needs of independent community banks.

Political Action Committee

An important benefit of BankIn Minnesota membership is the opportunity to pool resources and increase influence with other community bankers. The Political Action Committee’s purpose is to develop alliances and influence decision-makers that have the power to impact the ability of community banks to thrive. The Political Action Committee is here to serve your bank’s interests.  
The PAC is a non-partisan political action committee, and the only state PAC dedicated exclusively to representing the Minnesota community banking industry. The goal  is to support the election of pro-community banking candidates.

Your support is critical. 

By generating personal, voluntary contributions from association members, the PAC maintains an essential industry advocacy role. Your support ensures that our advocacy work continues in St. Paul–educating legislators on the importance of community banks and monitoring and initiating legislation that would impact community banking, plus supporting the campaigns of legislators who are supportive of our industry.

As a BankIn Minnesota member, you are encouraged to participate in relationship-building with state legislators – and part of that process includes financial support for their campaigns. If you would like to discuss a PAC donation for a local candidate, please contact Jim Amundson at [email protected] or 651-789-3985.

As a reminder – under state law, once a year Minnesota residents can donate up to $50 per person or $100 per married couple to Minnesota political parties and candidates for Minnesota state offices and receive a full refund through the state’s Political Contribution Refund program.  This is another great way for community bankers to get involved by providing direct support to candidates.

Direct Link to the lawmakers 

BankIn Minnesota's government relations department stays abreast of the most recent state and federal legislation affecting Minnesota’s independent community bankers.

News & Information 

BankIn Minnesota provides members with regular legislative updates while the state legislature is in session. It is easy for you to find your legislative representatives and get more information on Minnesota’s senators and representatives

Public Awareness

We believe everyone deserves a relationship with a community bank; a bank that invests in the community and is committed to everyone’s financial success.

BankIn Minnesota works proactively to promote the importance of community banks. Through an ongoing communication plan, BankIn Minnesota creates materials designed to highlight the ways that community banks invest in local families, businesses, and schools, as well as the benefits of keeping major financial decisions within the community.

One message, many voices

As a member of BankIn Minnesota you will have access to marketing resources including social media posts, blog articles and a public facing website that can be co-branded to supplement your own marketing efforts and help your bank be a voice for state wide awareness of the value of community banks. Marketing resourses coming soon!

Be Involved: Become an Advocate

BankIn Minnesota encourages members to take an active part in the association. BankIn Minnesota's advocacy, events and education all offer many opportunities for you to take on a leadership role or participate on a committee. Your involvement is valuable to your community bankers association!

Questions and comments are welcome. Please contact Jim Amundson, BankIn Minnesota's President/CEO, at [email protected] or 651-789-3985.