Community Banks Banding Together

Community banks are stronger together. Through cooperation and economies of scale, BankIn Minnesota is the platform for your bank to join the collective voice of community bankers as we engage lawmakers at the state capital and as an avenue to access services that improve your bottom line.

BankIn Minnesota offers events and education designed by and for community bankers so that we can help you advance your career and that of your employees. Through your membership, you gain access to quality education and peer networking opportunities. Every year, we’ll bring you face-to-face events and a large variety of online education opportunities – all of them relevant to the individual responsibilities of staff at your bank.

As a member of BankIn Minnesota, you’ll also benefit from networking colleagues who share your passion for community banking. There’s never been a greater need for peer relationships, as community banks work to remain independent and continue their vital role as supporters of local families, schools, and businesses.

Powerful Advocacy

Membership gives you a strong and unified voice in state and federal government affairs. As the only trade association in Minnesota that works exclusively for the interests of independent community banking, BankIn Minnesota provides powerful representation at the State Capitol. Jim Amundson, President and CEO, lobbies on behalf of independent community banks and keeps members informed of the new laws – both favorable and unfavorable – affecting banking regulation and practices.

Events and Education

Membership offers your bank access to the annual convention, ag conference, LEAD Conference, Bank Member Appreciation events, and peer networks for every major role in a community bank. Each and every event is planned to provide value to community bankers. 

Member Services

BankIn Minnesota uses insights gained from its close ties with Minnesota community banks to identify products and services that will provide significant value to our members. 

Under the leadership of our Services Board, which is made up of community bankers, BankIn Minnesota identifies and vets companies that are dedicated to serving community banks and will provide our members with quality service we expect. When we’ve determined that a service fits our philosophy and standards, it becomes BankIn Minnesota Endorsed. 

Member Awards and Recognition

Community banks and bankers have a significant impact on their community. BankIn Minnesota recognizes members who have excelled in their careers by serving in their industry with dedication. Read about our legacy awards here.

Throughout the year, we also recognize banks that have served and supported their community for 100 years or more by presenting them an American Flag, which commemorates their commitment to freedom, prosperity, and independence. 
Ready to join? Contact Patti Coles at [email protected]